Perth’s most trusted handyman and maintenance service for all your residential and commercial needs

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HELP Maintenance & Construction is Perth’s most trusted handyman and maintenance service for all your residential and commercial needs.

Our qualified trades-people take pride in their work and are quick and reliable. No job is too big or too small, and we service the entire metropolitan area.

We also take on bespoke construction projects that add design flair and functionality to home and commercial spaces.

Our pricing is fair and transparent.

Call us on 0418 908 726 to find out how we can HELP.

Our Services

Our Services


If you love your home, you want to keep it looking great and ensure it retains its value.

That’s where HELP Maintenance & Construction comes in.

We take on those handyman jobs, urgent repairs and home improvements projects, saving you time, money and stress.

Most importantly we turn up on time, treat your home as if it was our own and will never compromise on the quality of workmanship.


In today’s competitive commercial environment, having responsible, reliable trades-people who can get the job done while you get on with business is critical.

The HELP Maintenance & Construction team is responsive, professional and experienced across a range of commercial environments.

We specialise in supporting real estate agents and landlords who need to look after their property assets and provide a fast, efficient service for tenants.

24/7 service

There’ll always be that emergency when you need maintenance or construction help NOW! While out-of-hours service will incur an additional fee, you can count on HELP Maintenance & Construction to get there when you most need us.

Handyman services

Changing light bulbs, fixing a squeaking hinge, putting together flat-pack furniture or hanging pictures – there’s always those small, annoying jobs you never quite get around to completing. Let HELP Maintenance & Construction tick off your to do list quickly and affordably.

Carpentry and joinery

HELP Maintenance & Construction are timber artisans. Whether its building or restoring decks, hanging new doors, crafting stunning cabinetry or the specialist repair of heritage windows, we have the expertise to do the job right the first time.

Roof renovations and repairs

Roofs need regular maintenance to continue to look good and protect property from the elements. Help Maintenance & Construction can check and repair leaks, replace broken and cracked tiles, treat for fungus and apply high pressure cleaning. We also offer a high performance three coat spray paint system guaranteed for 10 years.

Bathroom and kitchen renovations

Tired bathrooms and kitchens date a home and impact the functionality of daily living. HELP Maintenance & Construction can help you make your dream kitchen or bathroom a reality and take away the headaches that invariably come with home improvement projects.

Bricklaying and paving

From replacing a few bricks through building a wall or paving an outdoor area, we have the equipment and skills to take undertake all your bricklaying and paving jobs. Most importantly, HELP Maintenance & Construction does it with minimal disruption and mess.


Painting is the all-important finishing touch when it comes to stunning interiors and weatherproof exteriors. The HELP Maintenance & Construction team believe in the importance of good preparation and attention to detail, whether it’s painting a small area or an entire home.


HELP Maintenance & Construction are the experts in floor and wall tiling. We are experienced in everything from small repairs through to alternations or new tiling projects and are skilled at working with rectified, mosaic, ceramic and porcelain tiles.

Water blasting

Our 3,500psi high-pressure water blasters remove the most stubborn dirt, mould and grime from almost any surface. Stained and dirty roofs, driveways, brick walls and outdoor paving are no match for the HELP Maintenance & Construction team.

Landscape construction

We help green thumbs and professional landscapers create their perfect gardens and outdoor living spaces. We take care of the patios, paved courtyards, retaining walks, water features and alfresco areas that form the canvas for your planting choices.


Building and maintaining beautiful outdoor decks take patience, time and skill. You need to understand how to work with timber and use the right professional equipment to deliver a fantastic job. Luckily creating stunning, functional decking is a favourite project for the team at HELP Maintenance & Construction.

Welding and steel work

Don’t leave your steel fabrication or repairs to just anyone. HELP Maintenance & Construction’s professional and experienced tradesmen can repair anything from a gate or a trailer, or can build something from scratch based on your needs.

Bespoke construction

HELP Maintenance & Construction has the imagination and expertise to design and construct bespoke storage options, interior design elements, outdoor kitchens and pet runs. If you have the vision we will make it reality.

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4. DELIVERY & RISK 4.1 The Price does not include delivery costs unless specifically stated in the Quotation. 4.2 Goods will be deemed to have been accepted and of satisfactory condition unless the Customer advises HELP of any deficiency within 24 hours of delivery. 4.3 Any dispute relating to the quality of Services must be raised by the Customer within 7 days of completion of Works. The Customer will be deemed to have accepted the Services where no dispute is raised within the required time.

5. SUSPENSION OR TERMINATION OF WORKS 5.1 If the Customer commits an act of bankruptcy or insolvency or has a receiver, liquidator or administrator (or similar) appointed, or commits any breach of any provision of this Agreement, then HELP may by written notice with immediate effect: (a) terminate the whole or any part of this Agreement and sue the Customer for Loss (including, without limitation, interest pursuant to clause 3.7); or (b) suspend performance of all or any part of the Works, and at any time during such suspension terminate this Agreement and sue the Customer for Loss (including, without limitation, interest pursuant to clause 3.7). 5.2 The Customer must indemnify HELP against all Loss incurred by HELP in connection with the enforcement, attempted enforcement or preservation of any rights under this Agreement.

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